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16 October 2018

a plumber Superhero Terms & Conditions

Please note that the information on this website and within our apps DO NOT provide you with any plumbing, heating, electrical or other professional tradesman advice. The information on this website and in our apps is for your general information. If you would like plumbing, heating, electrical or professional tradesman advice then this website can be used to help you and support you to get a professional tradesman for the services you are enquiring about.

Our business tries to make sure that any content on our website and apps is accurate and updated. It is possible that some information could be incorrect and outdated at times. This could be due to process changes in the services or changes within the law governing the services. Our business will not be responsible for any errors of any kind throughout our websites or apps. The information we provide on the websites and apps are simplified in the best possible way to highlight actual technical information within these service areas for informational purposes only.

We recommend that you do not rely on any information given on our websites and within our apps. This will be at your own risk if you do so for whatever reason you need the information on our websites or apps. a plumber Superhero and any of our connected business locations or names, such as a website reject all liability (to the extend permitted by the law) for any losses by you whether directly or indirectly as result of or happening from using our websites or apps.

This website is not developing a relationship between you the client and a professional tradesman. Your personal information could be stored in our database when you fill in forms on our website, this does not mean that a relationship between you and a professional tradesman is being created either. The professional tradesman and client relationship is only created with a professional independent tradesman, trading as a plumber Superhero | (their name) once they and you have agreed upon commencing any work together through the website, app or over the phone.

The businesses and individuals that trade as a plumber Superhero | (their name) will pay a fee to a plumber Superhero; this will either be a flat rate of jobs received or a % of the fees you pay to the business. We will give you details highlighting this as a service fee in your invoice via the website or the app. You will have to approve to the a plumber Superhero | (their name) business sharing details with us of the fees charged for your service for us to be able to calculate these fees.

Please also note that the information contained is based on the laws and regulations of England and Wales.

The personal information that is controlled by our business

We do provide links to other websites for your information but the sites are not operated by us. Therefore we do not accept any liability for any losses that you acquire from following any of the links on our websites or apps.

Please be aware that all of the content found on our website and apps are owned by a plumber Superhero. We have full rights and own the intellectual property rights, all right reserved. We invite you to use our websites and apps for the use of you personally, and not commercially. If you do want to use any of the material contained on our websites or apps then you must email us at superhero@a-plumber.co.uk to get written verification before you do so.

a plumber Superhero Refund Policy

If you have any issues regarding your bookings through the a plumber Superhero platform, we agree, at our discretion, to;

(i) Reimburse you the amount paid through the a plumber Superhero platform to book a tradesman. Your job booking fees which are our service fees. This will be reviewed and a fair decision will be made, or;

(ii) We can try our best to find you another tradesman if your initial booking is not successful, as maybe the tradesman is not reachable. We can do our best to assist you to find a suitable tradesman for your specific requirements.

Any decisions that are made regarding refunds and the refund policy, which includes the amount of any refund and the matching of alternate tradesmen, will be at a plumber Superhero’s discretion. This will be binding on the clients and users of the platform.

a plumber Superhero | (tradesman name) – independent tradesmen Refund Policy

Being a third party professionally recommended tradesman on the a plumber Superhero platform, you will be responsible to make sure that you meet quality standards of the industry laws and regulations. When a client makes a booking you will be available, or make your workers available, in order to resolve any client issues that have booked your services.

If you are a tradesman, and if;

(i) a plumber Superhero determines that a client has experienced an issue in connection to your services offered through the platform, and

(ii) a plumber Superhero can reimburse the client (up to their total booking fees) or provide an alternative tradesman to the client, then you agree to reimburse a plumber Superhero for reasonable additional costs to find the client the service they require, to assist with the service issue that was with you. You authorise a plumber Superhero to retrieve any amounts to a plumber Superhero by reducing your fee or invoicing you separately for the shortfall amount owed to a plumber Superhero.

If you are a tradesman trading as a plumber Superhero | (tradesman name) on the a plumber Superhero platform then you understand the rights of the clients within this client refund policy will take the place of your own cancellation or refund policies. If you have any objections to the service issue, then you can email us at superhero@a-plumber.co.uk, or via the app. We will need any evidence in writing and photographs to highlight the issue. It is important that you understand that if there is a client refund request or complaint of any kind, that you must be fully responsible, and be professional working with the client using best practices to resolve the issue with the client before disputing any refund requests or complaints.

This refund policy is no offer of insurance in any way, does not offer to make up an insurance contract, and does not take the place of any insurance. The clients, users and third parties and independent tradesman on the platform are responsible for their own independent insurance. a plumber Superhero reserves the right to amend or cancel this refund policy at any time, at its own discretion.

The client refund policy outlines the absolute understanding between a plumber Superhero and you regarding the client refund policy. This takes the place of any verbal, written or any prior understanding you have regarding the refund policy and complaints policy.

Spam email

If you do happen to receive any unwelcomed emails from our domain name www.a-plumber.co.uk, then please contact us straight away using our complaints procedure below.

Complaints procedure

If you have any complaints about the a plumber Superhero brand then please let us know at aplumberuk@gmail.com.

The a plumber Superhero Brand is managed independently by recommended tradesmen as outlined in our policies. The independent tradesmen trade as a plumber Superhero | (their name) through our platform using the a plumber Superhero Brand.

If you do have a complaint about a plumber Superhero independent tradesman, then please contact the independent tradesman directly, as they will have their set complaint procedure.