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Qualified Maidenhead plumber for plumbing, central heating and gas boiler installations.  

a plumber in Maidenhead

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Maidenhead Plumbing and Heating Services

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We at A-PLUMBER Maidenhead (A DASH PLUMBER) are recommended Plumbers in Maidenhead by locals and have plumbers and heating engineers available to help you from your plumbing problems in your Maidenhead, Berkshire residential or company premises seven days a week.

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Step 1: Contact our plumber in maidenhead and chat to him directly to talk about your plumbing or heating problem.

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Plumbing and Heating in Maidenhead… in a dash”

Whether it is a crisis or a structured plumbing task our plumbers in Maidenhead can come to your rescue and be there “in a dash”.

Our plumber service involves both plumbing and gas enabling engineers to work with completely new plumbing or heating appliances or alternatively fix your existing appliance in your residence or work place.

We can get the plumbing products needed if you require to perform the task or you can supply them yourself.

Plumbing in your Maidenhead home or business

Should it be water leaks, burst pipes or leaking showers, our skilled plumbers can fix and stop your plumbing issues. As well as fixing we will alter the position of and swap your essential water appliances to meet your requirements, this includes:

  • Kitchen appliances
  • Toilets & cisterns
  • Sinks
  • All types of baths
  • Heated Water Units
  • Burst pipes
  • Soldered joints
  • Pressure systems
  • Fixing & installing radiators
  • Gas boiler repair or replacements
  • Hot water storage units
  • Indirect cyliders
  • Mains cold water supply
  • Expansion tanks
  • Heating hot water
  • Water tank heating efficiency
  • Waste disposal units
  • Dual power radiators installation
  • Waste problems
  • Cleaning drains, gutters and manholes
  • Tiling and grouting leaks
  • Wall water damage

Heating in your residential property or business in Maidenhead

We’ve got certified gas engineers which will fix or replace any kind of gas boiler for you. We shall take into consideration budget and relevance for you and your residential home/business building while we are mending or installing any heating system.

Our top priority at a plumber Maidenhead is to keep your residence/commercial building gas safe. To ensure this all of the central heating and certified gas engineers that we connect you with are gas safe registered and will be able to take care of gas and electrical emergencies. In addition to emergencies our certified gas engineers will install all gas and heating appliances in your premises, see below:

  • All makes of boilers
  • Boiler system measure and specifications
  • Combi boilers
  • Condensing boilers
  • Central heating cleaning
  • Gas appliances
  • Move boiler location
  • Gas safe appliance testing
  • Building control register
  • Home appliances with gas power source
  • Change a heating system
  • Boiler breakdown
  • Annual boiler service
  • Pressure systems
  • Plate to plate heat exchangers
  • Gas and Electrical heating parts
  • Back boiler replacement
  • Boiler Flu
  • Gas boiler switches
  • Thermostats
  • Electrical wiring
  • Testing gas appliances
  • Appliance gas certification
  • Heating pressure pumps
  • Water heating equipment
  • Central heating
  • Analogue Thermostatic valves
  • Central heating controls
  • Heating problems
  • No hot water

The certified gas engineers and plumbers in maidenhead can fault find, resolve or remove and replace your present gas appliance for new secure plumbing and heating systems. If the town-cityment of your existing gas appliance isn’t where you would like it we can also transfer it for you.

Whenever suggesting recommendations to you concerning your gas and electrical sourced heating systems in your residence it is our main concern to make sure safety. Which is the reason why we have the top plumber and heating engineer in Maidenhead that can cope with the complete gas task.

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