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About a plumber

We base the foundations of our plumbing and heating business on trust to provide a super fast, super reliable and super professional plumber to your door in true superhero style.

We started our plumbing and heating company as a family run business over a decade ago but due to growing demand we have now nominated one exclusive local plumber to also work with us locally. This means that we can now meet your emergency plumbing and heating needs quicker with our skilled experienced local team.

Our nominated plumber has been assessed by us and has won an exclusive contract out of hundreds of local plumbers to work under our quality guidelines, so we can provide the very best all round plumbing service. So have peace of mind that you can be assured you are using a trusted, qualified local plumbing and heating engineer every time you use us.

This has also meant that we are now offering a wider range of plumbing, electrical and property services to local people so you can get plumbing and heating jobs done with us under one roof.  Our plumbers are also qualified electricians and have a wide range of property maintenance skills including building, plastering, tiling, carpentry and flooring to finish most jobs within the home or business.

Services from a plumber

Call us today if you’re a residential or commercial client then we can help you with all of your plumbing & heating services, no matter how big or small your project is.  We can help from designing and fitting a new bathroom and kitchen from start to finish with our team of property maintenance experts; to fitting or fixing small plumbing and electrical problems to complete boiler installations.

Client Plumbing

  • Emergency plumbing & heating
  • Plumbing e.g. Toilets, water leaks
  • Heating e.g. Boilers, radiator issues
  • Plumbing & Electrical e.g. showers
  • Instalations e.g. Boilers, Bathrooms
  • Repairs e.g. Sinks, Pipes, Boilers etc.

Our Plumber Benefits

  • Fully qualified gas safe plumber
  • Full customer service support
  • One local trusted plumber
  • Local plumber job prices
  • Quality controlled plumber
  • 12 month guarantee from plumber
  • Fair pricing, no hidden fees

We are proud to work with

Commercial Plumbing
Commercial Plumbers

What clients say

  • Anthony Wallis
    6 months ago

    They did a great plumbing job. I had problem with the pipes in the kitchen for a while now. I called them and the response was immediate. The plumber arrived very fast and fixed the problem in no-time. I can’t thank them enough.

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