About a plumber Superhero


a plumber Superhero is a national plumbing and heating franchise. It was formed with the customer and plumber in mind, giving them both the very best all round experience in a changing world where customers need the best service online and at their door.

Firstly, we have an expert online team that work continuously behind the scenes from a website to make sure you receive the very best online experience when you use our online services. From the moment you contact us via our website, phone or email we make sure that your plumbing and heating needs are going to be looked after by one of our nominated plumbing and heating professionals on the ground.

Secondly, we have a group of professionally qualified plumbing and heating engineers that have been hand picked nationally to run and manage the local franchise to our quality standards. Clients will always get a plumber or heating engineer that is fully qualified at the right price that has been quality approved to work for them.

Together we provide the very best all round plumbing and heating experience online and offline for customers and plumbers. This starts from the moment you contact us to the job completion with our team of online experts and local engineers working together to help your home or business in the most efficient way.


For all of your homes and businesses

You get the best possible all round plumbing service when you need a plumbing and heating engineer. From when you speak to our helpful team on the phone, we know all of the right questions to make your job easier for us all.

The engineers we have chosen are given an exclusive contract in the local area. This is what maintains our quality standards as we only want the best engineers working for you.

For the few qualified, trustworthy Plumbing & Heating Engineers

Our chosen engineer has been given the golden opportunity to receive an exclusive franchise contract from us. They will get a steady flow of guaranteed plumbing and heating jobs to grow their own franchise business. This can be maintained so long as our quality standards are met for the clients within our fixed term franchise agreement.


Customers expect a high quality service at a fair price every time which is our job to achieve. This maintains our customer loyalty and brand for you to work with for as long as we can work together to give the clients the very best all round service.